PHA-TR-25-037 tracks Panther/Jagdpanther late

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One kit contains  210 tracks .

The links are joined together by  pins after drilling holes yourself or by glue link to link.

Tracks should be painted with acrylic or enamel.

Tracks fit model Panther G and Jagdpanther early / late from the Academy.

To Panther  A and Jagdpanther from Tamiya and Academy early edition necessary replace the drive wheel. Use our new resin drive sprocket or ask me.

What our customers say...

I purchased a set of these tracks for the academy late model G panther. They are highly detailed. However, they do not snap together without glue as stated. You can click the tracks together, but they will not stay clicked, they quickly come apart. Not a very good design. I was told if I drilled holes in them and placed a wire in each link, they would stay together. That is too much work for me and not worth the time. I suppose I could glue them together and place on the model, but that is not how they are advertised to work.

Rated by nelson davis