PHA-TR-25-006 Tiger I mid and late models

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 One kit contains 198, workable tracks in 1-25 scale.

Tracks should be painted with acrylic or enamel.

Some track links in set still have assembly pins, but we strongly recommend connecting the links with a wire or a fixed track link.

What our customers say...

A very "WECOME WELL DETAILED" addition to an old kit. I first sawed the block away from the track. Next I will sand down the little nub left. Since this is going to be a static kit, I won't be putting a pin (wire) in it just gluing the tracks together for now to see how that works. However if that doesn't hold up, I'll be drilling each track out and inserting a piece of wire thru it. This wont be hard just very time consuming. A hand drill will work, but if one can get a hold of a drill press it would be better. Just take your time and don't rush it and you'll have a good detail that will look great when finished.

Rated by John